FOCAR – Intensive Course in Choreography for Architecture

Instável has launched in 2021 a new traineeship in choreography oriented towards it’s relationship with architecture: FOCAR.

After FAICC – Advanced Course in Interpretation and Choreographic Creation, that has already 9 editions, this new course inherits it’s  modular structure of that course, as well as it’s approach to diverse methodologies and processes and a strong experimentation/experience aspect, that aims to give the students tools for professional context integration.

In the more than 20 years of Companhia Instável, one of the basic pillars that has been cemented – traversal to many creations and traineeships – is the critic analysis of the presence of the body in the space, the importance of the relationships in between dance and architecture in the creation and the demystification of the concept of “stage”.

A new course such as FOCAR – Intensive Course in Choreography for Architecture – could not be a simple coincidence, but rather an expected consequence of the continuous work of the Company, that follows the tendency of the current needs and the paradigms of contemporary creation.

FOCAR is a traineeship for creators in the contemporary dance field interested in exploring choreography in/for informal spaces. With a deep disciplinary intersection, this course will develop artistic education and investigation in its undeniable connection with architecture, of which contemporary dance so often appropriates and occupies.

The classes will be both online and presential – depending on the modules specificities defined by the tutor. The headquarters will be at Lugar Instável (studios of Companhia Instável) but a few modules and creation projects might take place outside and at our partners buildings., for example, at Architecture Faculty. There will be an intersection with FAICC program in a few modules, to encourage the students dialogue and collaboration, and also an intersection with “Percursos pela Arquitectura” – a project of the company that, since 1999 creates and presents work in informal spaces, made by invited artists  that work form the characteristics of the presentation space (museums, gardens, technical areas of theatres, faculties, houses, and more).

For 18 weeks – in a total of 360 hours, regularly 4 hours per day from Monday to Friday – the students will have the chance to learn, observe and create with the coaching of tutors and creators (national and international) of different fields, like architects, performers, choreographers with work for informal sites, festival directors, and more. The program will have three types of modules, to ensure an extensive and complementary traineeship:
         • Theoretical Modules – with architects, programmers and artists;
         • Practical Modules – with invited choreographers and tutors that will share theirs processes and methodologies, in Composition and Improvisation modules;
         • Creation Modules – research weeks with coaching for creations development, participation in a choreographer’s creation process and creation/presentation in partner’s projects.


February’22 – July’22 (total: 18 weeks/ 360 hours)
Monday to Friday, 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm


Modules: 1 creation process / Choreographic composition / Testimony / Cultural Management / Videodance / Percursos pela arquitetura / Partners: Faculty of Architecture UP


Registration: 180€
Course: 1368€ (total payment until February); or 1468 (469€ in February 2021 + 3 installments of 333€ being paid until the 10th of each month between April and May’22).